Collection: Save the Glaciers

A limited edition collection of Giclée prints paying tribute to
Switzerland’s beautiful and endangered Glaciers

Growing up in Switzerland, 
I had access to some of the most
breathtaking mountains in the world.

This is where my passion for the alps was born.
As a young girl, my parents loved to share their interest in the natural world with me.
We would go for hikes every weekend and I developed a fascination with wildlife.
I loved to discover the incredible natural environment that I was surrounded by. 
On our hikes I would collect fossils, play with cows and goats, make igloos and have snowball fights.
It’s funny how childhood curiosities can have such an influence on your outlook on life.


I donate 20% of proceeds towards
Swiss Association for Climate Protection
which launched the Glacier Initiative.

Their goal is to eliminate emissions by 2050,
to anchor the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement
in the Swiss Constitution and to promote climate protection in Switzerland.

These mountains with their majestic glaciers are part of our life
but the melting of our glaciers is a wake-up call for us all!
Together we must stop global warming,
to prevent our living conditions from irreversible deterioration.